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We offer a holistic solution: hardware to mesh to cloud to dashboard. Our main is a street lighting platform connecting controller devices for LED-Driver with real-time data and manage in the cloud.

Our expertise

Design Things

We create Things for your use-case and specifications. We have deep experience in nRF chips.

Code Things

We create architectures and code with state of art real-time operating systems.

Bring Data

Bring and orchestrate data on Things, Cloud and Dashboards.

Make Thing Apps

We accumulated solid and holistic Bluetooth mesh experience: covering provisioning, configuration, commissioning, SIG/Vendor models and bring it in beautiful design and functionality to you.

Sustainable Development

innblue supports UN Sustainyble Development Goals, progressing on the goals through our projects, products and engagements.

Some of our work worth mentioning

SmartCity Gateway

Connecting SmartCity Bluetooth mesh network to the cloud with the latest IoT technologies: NB-IoT and LTE-M.

Offering holistic end-to-end solution: Mesh Light Controllers, MeshCloud, MeshDash with real-time sensor data in city context.

Tech details: 

nRF52&nRF91, Zephyr RTOS, MQTT, AWS, Bluetooth mesh, NB-IoT

Bluetooth mesh DALI/SR controller

Holistic connected light approach. The Dali/SR controller for Xitanium SR LedDriver (also available for compatible Dali drivers). Included models: NLC, Level, Sensor, FOTA, Scenes, Time and Schedule.

Tech details:

nRF52, Zephyr, Bluetooth mesh, NLC, DALI2/SensorReady

innblue UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

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