We offer a holistic solution: hardware to mesh to cloud to dashboard. Our main is a street lighting platform connecting controller devices for LED-Driver with real-time data and manage in the cloud.

Our expertise

Design Things

We create Things for your use-case and specifications. We have deep experience in nRF chips.

Code Things

We create architectures and code with state of art real-time operating systems.

Bring Data

Bring and orchestrate data on Things, Cloud and Dashboards.

Make Thing Apps

We accumulated solid and holistic Bluetooth mesh experience: covering provisioning, configuration, commissioning, SIG/Vendor models and bring it in beautiful design and functionality to you.

Some of our work worth mentioning

Bluetooth mesh DALI/SR controller

Holistic connected light approach. The Dali/SR controller for Xitanium SR LedDriver (also available for compatible Dali drivers). Included models: NLC, Level, Sensor, FOTA, Scenes, Time and Schedule.

Tech details:

nRF52, Zephyr, Bluetooth mesh, NLC, DALI2/SensorReady

SmartCity Gateway

Connecting SmartCity Bluetooth mesh network to the cloud with the latest IoT technologies: NB-IoT and LTE-M.

Offering holistic end-to-end solution: Mesh Light Controllers, MeshCloud, MeshDash with real-time sensor data in city context.

Tech details: 

nRF52&nRF91, Zephyr RTOS, MQTT, AWS, Bluetooth mesh, NB-IoT

Sustainable Development

innblue supports UN Sustainyble Development Goals, progressing on the goals through our projects, products and engagements.